This Day Game Workshop is not for the faint hearted.
Join us for two days of approaching women at the shopping
mall, bookstore, supermarket, the street, everywhere.

You'll approach and meet more women in one day, than
most guys meet in a whole year. You'll walk away with TONS
experience, plus the confidence and skills to meet women in
virtually any day time situation - FOR LIFE!

From the desk of:
Alex Coulson
Tuesday, 9:47am

My jaw drops.

I almost drop my groceries too.

But I'm not the only one. Every guy in the place stops to check her out.

She is amazing. A "perfect 10". Imagine your dream woman. This woman is hotter. With an amazing body, curves in all the right places, and long, flowing hair. She bounces as she walks.

She is about to pass me in the street.

"I should approach her" I say to myself. After all, I have read The Game and tons of other dating products. I'm on every dating guru's newsletter. I should be able to meet her ...

My heart beats loudly in my chest. I feel my mouth run dry like the desert. A terrible anxiety takes over my body. Sweat drips down my neck. I'm nervous just thinking about talking to her!

What should I say? This is the street, not a bar or a club. I can't use an "opener". I don't want to sound like a weirdo, or some creepy guy. What if she rejects me in front of all these people?

Next, excuses fill my head. "She probably has a boyfriend" and "She looks busy" and "she doesn't want to be disturbed". Finally, "she wouldn't be interested in a guy like me".

Suddenly, she is gone.


Why Bars and Clubs Suck

Lets be honest here. Bars suck.

You're forced to compete with dozens of drunk, pushy guys. It's super loud, crowded and hard to move. You spend a fortune on drinks. Youspend money on a taxi home.

What's more, some bars are full of bitchy, "party girls". These girls are easily distracted.
They will leave you for "the bathroom" or "to dance" at a moments notice! And if you DO get a phone number, she probably won't remember you the next day!

4 great reasons why Day Game is better than going to bars and clubs ...

NO competition. Most guys don't have the balls. By approaching her, it shows you
are confident, which is very attractive to women!
NO rejection. Women are friendly, nice and polite. Not defensive, bitchy, or drunk
like in bars and night clubs.
NO flakes. If you get her phone number, she is more likely to respond to your calls
and text messages. She will probably be excited to see you again.
Women want to meet guys in the day! Women love the romantic idea of meeting
"Mr Right" when they least expected it. Just look at sex and the city and most romance novels.

You Get Two days Of In-Field Training
And Personalized Coaching

Learn Every Proven Conversation Starter, What To Say,
Attraction Technique - Our Entire Day Game System!

Day Game Workshop is two full days of intense training. With just one hour of theory, and the rest of the day is live, IN-FIELD training. Here is a break-down of what happens at our workshop.

1. Uncover Your Biggest Sticking Points.

Your coach will find out what's been stopping you from meeting and dating women. He will help identify any challenges, obstacles or sticking points you have. He will point out things about yourself that you may not have realized. This is the first step to improving your skills with women.

2. Day Game System Explained.

Your coach will walk you through our entire "day game" system. You'll learn everything you need to know about meeting women anywhere, anytime. You'll discover ...

How to overcome approach anxiety
Proven conversation starters for ANY day time situation
How to keep the conversation going
How to build attraction
How to make her laugh
How to smoothly and easily get her number

3. Drills and Exercises.

In the safety of a private setting, your coach will take you through a series of drills and exercises. This is to ensure you remember our day game system before you start approaching women. These exercises are designed to help you remember our day game system. We don't want you saying
"I forgot what to say" when the time comes to approach women.

4. Real Life Demonstrations.

Your coach will demonstrate how to approach, meet and attract women right before your eyes. You'll get to see what a successful pickup looks like in REAL LIFE.

Your limiting beliefs about what's possible will be shattered. Like most of our students, your fear will turn into excitement, and you'll want to join in the fun of approaching women!

5. You'll Approach LOTS of Women.

Your coach will push you to approach LOTS of women. You'll meet more women in two days, than you've probably met in the last few months. You'll get TONS of real-world experience, in just a few hours. Your coach will be close by watching your every move. Ready to give you ...

6. Personalized & Individual Feedback

After each approach, your coach will pull you aside and give you individual feedback. You'll learn what you did right, wrong, and exactly how to improve.

Things such as bad body language, communication errors, and voice tonality, which may have taken you YEARS to notice, will be pointed out by your coach right away. You cannot get this kind of personalized coaching anywhere else. Certainly not from some dating ebook!

7. Smash Your Limiting Beliefs

You'll leave the workshop feeling confident, powerful and alive! You'll have created a totally new and empowering reality. Where you can meet women anywhere, anytime! You'll believe this is possible, because you will have done it, over and over again! Welcome to your new reality :-)

8. Debrief and Feedback

At the end of the workshop, your coach will sit down with you, and discuss everything that happened during the workshop. He will give you custom feedback and advice. Your coach
will give you further tips on how to improve, and take your day game skills to the next level.

Reading Books And Watching Videos At Home
Is The SLOW Way To Get Good With Women ...

It's no good simply reading books or watching videos about meeting women. In order to get good, you need to actually go into the real world and practise meeting women.

One of the FASTEST ways to get good at approaching women and starting conversations, is to actually go out and do it (surprise, surprise!)

Sadly, 99% of guys never do this. Even guys in the "pickup community". They gather lots of information on dating. But they are too scared to apply it. They lack the confidence to walk up and strike up a conversation with an attractive woman in the day time.

And that's why our Day Game Workshop's are SO valuable. You get more real-world experience at approaching women and starting conversations in TWO DAYS than most men get in YEARS. You'll see how women react to you ... you'll get instant feedback ... you'll get personalized coaching.

And our experienced coach will be there to make sure you do it. You'll be pushed to talk to more women in two days, than you've talked to in months. You'll learn so much by "doing" than you ever could by simply reading other guys stories.

Destroy Your Approach Anxiety
And Excuses That Sabotage You!

Lets be honest here.

Two of the biggest things stopping you from meeting women during the day time are "approach anxiety" and excuses. 99% of our students suffer from these two problems (I sure did!).

Have you ever allowed these excuses to stop you from approaching?

"I don't know what to say"
"I don't want to disturb her"
"She probably has a boyfriend"
"What if she rejects me in front of everyone?"
"She looks busy. I don't want to interrupt her".
"She wouldn't be interested in me".

During the workshop we will help destroy your fear of approaching women. By approaching women right before your eyes, and pushing you to do the same. We will help you create a new belief system, where meeting women anywhere, is not scary or difficult. But fun and exciting!

What Other Guys Are Saying About
Our Day Game Workshops

Click play to hear a recent testimonial from one of our Canberra clients.


"The workshop was eye opening for sure. I see so many women walking around during the day as part of my work and never talked to any, never thought I COULD talk to any but Jack proved me wrong. I can now walk up to pretty much anyone and strike up a conversation. Would recommend it to any guy wanting to talk to women on the streets, or any other day time scenario."

Andrew - Sydney

"Thanks so much to Jack who went above and beyond to make sure I got it and fully understood the concepts. It was quite startling to walk up to a complete stranger and have a chat but after a few approaches I did it and didn't lose momentum. I just needed this push otherwise I never would have done it"

Craig - Sydney

"Had so much fun. I actually thought this would be scary but after a few approaches it was easy. I just built it up in my head that I was going to fail miserably but actually I wasn't rejected once! Which was surprising. Got to check their course out if you want to master the daygame approach, bars and clubs are good but daygame is a whole new level of play"

Stuart- Sydney


How Much Would You Pay For
Personalized In-Field Coaching?

Let me make this clear: We are the only Australian company offering Day Game Workshops.

There are two American companies who sell workshops in Australia. They fly their coaches here twice a year, and charge students $3,600 USD to attend. That's A LOT of money!

I've been told these companies don't limit the number of student they take on. They might have up to 12 students attending a workshop, with only one coach to handle everyone!

Our workshops are limited to 4 students. With a maximum of 2 students per instructor. Our goal is to provide you with personalized training and one-on-one attention.

We know we could charge $3,600 per student and you would still be getting incredible value. But you know what? Most guys don't have that kind of money spend. Especially in these uncertain economic times.

So we're not charging $3,600. Not $2,500. Your investment to attend the entire workshop is just $1,997 AUD. What's more, your investment is protected by our ...

Rock-Solid Money Back Guarantee


You can “test drive” our workshop risk-free.

Here's how it works:
Sign up for our Day Game Workshop today. Learn our entire day game system. Get individual coaching and training. Watch instructors approach women right before your eyes. Approach and meet dozens of women yourself.

If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply pull the instructor aside, and say "I would like a refund". Next, we will thank you for your time and arrange a full and prompt refund. That's not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you.

So if you aren’t completely satisfied with our Day Game Workshop, we will refund your money.

It’s that simple. FULL REFUND.

We are so convinced this dating workshop is the best thing for your success with women. That we're willing to ensure your satisfaction 100% and take on all the risk. There is ZERO risk for you.

You've really got nothing to lose.

As a bonus to investing in our live training today I’m willing to give a full years access to our ‘Street Dating Revealed’ membership website free of charge. This is our most popular product. It currently sells for $197 over at StreetDatingRevealed.com. But it's yours free when you sign up today!

Free Bonus: 365 Day Access To
Street Dating Revealed Members Site

Inside the Street Dating Revealed Members Area you'll get instant access to ...

19 Real Life Day Game Pickup Videos.
Watch Alex and his students approach women at the cafe, shopping mall, supermarket, the park, even the street - and get numbers and dates. That's hours and hours of real life video footage!

What Did She Think Of Being Picked Up?
After we secretly film each pickup, we then go back to these women and reveal our cameras (so we can legally use their footage). While we are getting their permission, we also get their honest feedback about what just happened!
  Play-By-Play Breakdown of Each Pickup Video.
Listen to Alex break down each pickup video and explain everything that happened in step-by-step detail. From body language, voice tonality, techniques, conversation starters, everything!
Interviews With Dating Coaches (Video and Audio).
We sit down and interview Sinn and Sweater (both from The Game) and Asian Playboy. We persuade them to reveal their best advice for approaching women, starting conversations and building attraction.

 Reserve Your Place While
Spots Are Still Available!

Our Day Game Workshops are limited to 4 students per workshop. With the best ratio of only 2 students for every instructor. Sometimes we limit the workshop to 2 students.

Once a workshop is full - we close registration. You will need to wait several months before we return to your city. Or you may have to register for our workshop in a different city (if it's not also sold out) and spend extra money on air travel and accommodation.

So if you're interested in experiencing a LIVE workshop with one-on-one coaching and 4 hours of in-field training, then I recommend you register for the Day Game Workshop now. It really is the best investment you can make in your dating life. You've got nothing to lose. 

Day Game Workshop
Risk-Free Registration

Yes! Jack and Alex. Please reserve my place at your Day Game Workshop! I can't wait to get one-on-one coaching, hours of LIVE in-field training, personal feedback and much more. Please include instant access to Street Dating Revealed with my registration.

Also, I understand if I'm not 100% satisfied with the workshop or instructor, then I am entitled to a full and prompt refund. I understand I've got nothing to lose.

Got Questions?
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To Your Success,

Alex Coulson

Succeed At Dating

PS. No More Excuses! The fastest and easiest way to "get good" at meeting women anywhere, anytime, is to attend our Day Game Workshop. You'll be pushed to approach TONS of women in two days. You'll receive personalized coaching and feedback. You'll smash through any limiting beliefs holding you back from enjoying total success with women.

PPS. Remember, you're protected by a 100% money back guarantee. So if you're not completely satisfied during the workshop, you can request a full and prompt refund. All of the risk is on our shoulders. You've got nothing to lose. Register for the Day Game Workshop today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the workshop last?

The Day Game Workshop runs for 2 whole days. You’ll be spending over 8 hours in the field, watching LIVE demonstrations and approaching women and getting results!

You will be taught our step-by-step system for meeting women. You will be pushed to approach countless women in various locations. (Shopping mall, super market, the street, bookstore, etc).

How many students will be there?

We have one of the lowest student to instructor ratio in the world. Only 2 students per instructor. You're guaranteed more personalized attention and coaching at this workshop.

Where and when will the workshops be held?

The Day Game Workshop is held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. However, if you would like us to hold a workshop in your city, we require a minimum of 2 to 3 students. So if you can persuade two friends sign up to the workshop, we will be happy to come to your town.

What if I am not happy with the workshop or instructor?

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can request a refund. However, you must request the refund during the workshop, or at the end of the day. You cannot request a refund several days or weeks after the workshop. You must do it the same day.

Day Game Workshop
Risk-Free Registration

Yes! Jack and Alex. Please reserve my place at your Day Game Workshop! I can't wait to get one-on-one coaching, hours of LIVE in-field training, personal feedback and much more. Please include instant access to Street Dating Revealed with my registration.

Also, I understand if I'm not 100% satisfied with the workshop or instructor, then I am entitled to a full and prompt refund. I understand I've got nothing to lose.

Got Questions?
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