Over the last 5 years we’ve helped thousands of our students get more success with women and their approaches than ever before. Our aim is for you to walk away from our course with the skills to approach ANY woman you see without fear or rejection. Here is just a small sample of the many reviews from our students.
Matty has progressed up the ranks and is now assisting us with our live programs. He has come far and I’m proud to have been apart of this transformation of his. Great work Matty.
Ben overcame approach anxiety and other challenges stopping him from walking up to women and starting conversations. He progressed amazingly well and got great results on his first night. 
Andrew was nervous about starting conversations with women and the biggest skill he took away was “taking action” and approaching women even if his mind was blank. He approached over 20 women over the weekend and got many dates and phone numbers. Good to hear you’re doing well Andrew.
Mat never approached a girl before attending this bootcamp. He was nervous (any guy would be) : ) He approached 20 women over the weekend and took great skills away that will stay with him for a lifetime.
I’m very proud to say that our workshops are "fun" too! If you want to attract women then this is the attitude you need to have. Thanks for sharing.
An older gentlemen "Greg" did a great job over the weekend meeting, approaching and attracting younger women and hadn’t been to a bar in 36 years! Glad you joined the program Greg.
Paul had an eye opening experience and even impressed the coaches. He got many phone numbers over the weekend and even got a few kisses too. Thanks Paul and I know you’ll do well!
Felix attended our bootcamp in Adelaide and even attended a daygame workshop the next day. He got many phone numbers over the weekend and also did many approaches. Thanks Felix and good luck in Adelaide.
We show all our students how to keep conversations going and make women laugh. If you have troubles we even give you word-for-word what to say! Thanks for sharing
Our aim is to push all our students comfort zones so after the weekend they can approach a woman without thinking. This is one of our goals for you.
Alex did a great job. He never approached before attending and on friday night did a ton of mixed group approaches of guys/girls, groups of 3 girls, 4 girls and more. Great work Alex you’ll go far.
Dane is now assisting us with with our programs as a part time coach. He has progressed far and impressed most of the coaches with his skills. Thanks for your review Dane
At our bootcamps if you would like to learn something "specific" then we always allocate additional time to address your questions and answer them for you. Thanks Graham good luck with the daygame.
I’m glad you joined the program and you did such an awesome job on your approaches. I think you’ve set a new record! 35 approaches. I’m glad the challenges we gave you helped. Good work!
Many of our students fly in to attend our programs in Sydney.This particular student flew from Auckland to attend the bootcamp, hows that for dedication? Thanks for sharing and glad you got a lot out of it.
Dave joined our program with a few inner game challenges. He overcame a lot of them, he changed his mentality altogether and did an incredible amount of approaches on the Saturday night. Thanks Dave for your review.
Our aim is not to turn you into a "robot" using canned lines and routines. We show you how to create your own stories and conversation starters so you can approach and attract women naturally.
This is one of the Surfers Paradise workshops we operate with one of our coaches named Greg. The student did well and took heaps away from the bootcamp. Thanks for your input
An older gent named “Gavin” needed a push to approach more women in bars, his major sticking point was approach anxiety and he managed it well on the night and spoke to many women without fear. Great work Gavin.
Gupreet rarely went out to bars to meet women and hadn’t approached any women in the last 2 years. I was very impressed with Gupreet as he did an awesome job with the amount of approaches he did on Friday night.
Robert was an extremely talented student. Very smart and knowledgeable. Just needed a push to approach more women, isolate and close. Great job Robert.

“Real Eye-Opening Experience”

“I have to say to Alex and the coaches who helped me out a huge thank you, this has been a weekend I’ll never forget in my life. Before I took the workshop I wouldn’t even go out to bars to meet women in fact I didn’t do anything that helped me meet the opposite sex. In one night of Alex’s program he had me talking to almost 30 women and I got 4 solid phone numbers from that and 2 kisses! Wasn’t expecting that to say the least. I did feel nervous to start with but it turned out be be real fun, like a game.

This is one of the best skills you can learn and I’m definitely on my journey to mastering it.

John Bursley Sydney, NSW

“Highly Recommended To Anyone Wanting To Improve Their Dating Life”

“I started out by reading ‘The Game’ and this got me interested in doing this course and I never look back. My biggest fear was definitely the approaching side of things and Alex and coaches had me do A LOT of them on the Friday night. After using some of their conversation starters I noticed I was no longer feeling the anxiety before approaching and I started talking to every girl I saw which I never did or could do before. So it’s been a hoot and I recommend this to any single guy.”
Neil Hovesh Sydney, NSW

“Watching These Guys Smashed Out My Limiting Beliefs”

“I took their program shortly after a relationship of mine ended and I wanted to be thrown back in the game to get started again. I not only met a bunch of cool blokes who were the other students to hang out with after the workshop but I also learnt how to approach ANY woman I desire. No more excuses, no more wimping out I just approach them and ‘tell them they’re beautiful’ and I could never do that before. I feel like a weight been lifted from my shoulders.”
Alan Voges Melbourne, VIC

“Life Changing – I Feel Confident Now That I Can Approach Women”

“It was totally unexpected, I didn’t know what was going to happen on the night but this was very surprising. I actually thought I was going to just watch them (from a safe distance) but my coach wouldn’t have it, he pushed me to approach around 5 women in the first bar and another 10 women in the second bar. I really had a great time but more importantly it’s about the skills I took away from this course that allow me to approach girls I like anytime I want, I didn’t have these skills before I took the program”
John Henley Sydney, NSW

“My Approaches Are So Much Better – Getting Numbers All The Time Even On The Street”

“My biggest challenge was approaching women in bars and clubs especially because it’s a loud environment and a lot of people around, I had done a few approaches but they weren’t going anywhere that’s why I needed a helping hand. My approaches since are way better than before and I’m now even approaching women in the daytime and getting heaps of success. I highly advice this workshop if you want to tweak your approaches and get better results”
Steven McConnell Sydney, NSW

“Instructors Were Encouraging And I Highly Recommend This To Anyone”

“I thought it was going to be much scarier than it was. I learned many conversation starters and funny stories the coaches use to build attraction. Their support and feedback was appreciated greatly and I learned heaps from this. The other students were doing well too and I exchanged numbers with them so I now have a regular wingman to hang out with after the workshop.”
Zen Melbourne, VIC

“I Used To Be Terrified Of Women But You Gave Me The Skills and Confidence I Needed”

“I never got out much as I’m in a job that doesn’t involve much communication with the outside world. My social skills were okay I just needed a push to approach women as I was literally terrified of them. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in my life and I’m 27 so I needed to do something about that. I just want to say that if you want to learn how to connect with any woman you see and find attractive then these guys will help you, this is what they do for a living”
Leigh Louey-Gung Sydney, NSW

“I Approached More Girls In One Night Than I Had In The Last FOUR Years”

“When I woke up the following day I couldn’t believe what I did and how many women I spoke to the previous night. I got a few a phone numbers and prospective dates lined up and had an overall great time. I have a fitness trainer to help me out at the gym as I want to get bigger and one day I randomly thought well there SHOULD be a trainer for meeting hot girls and there is. His name is Alex Coulson. Thanks again man!”
Kevin Pham Sydney, NSW

“This Workshop Definitely Helped Me Overcome My Approach Anxiety … Highly Recommended”

“The workshop was great I really feel I got the best out of it as I could have. I approached around 15 group sets over the weekend and that’s more than I’ve approached in the last couple of months. I now as a result of the workshop have the skills to do this whenever I want which is a great skill to have. Thanks to Alex and his team and I encourage any guys who are looking to overcome their approach anxiety and learn conversation starters then these guys will help you. ”
Jason, S Darwin, NT

“Bunch Of Great Guys and Lot’s Of Fun … Meeting Women Is A Lot Easier Than I Thought It Would Be”

“I was pretty comfortable approaching women but just really needed a push to approach the hotter ones. I also had mixed up mindsets about some women that I needed help with. Overall highly recommended for guys wanting more choice in the girls they date, also these skills will be helpful in all other aspects of your life i.e work, general confidence etc… ”
Adrian, S Sydney, NSW

“I’ve Seen Huge Results and Improvements Already In Myself”

“Alex and his team have helped me significantly with my approach anxiety, I’m alright in the conversation part however when I saw a girl I had massive anxiety and never approached so I needed help. I learned from Alex and Moxie for two days and they helped me fine tune and optimize my performance in field. I’ve already since huge improvements and results in myself already”

Nick, P Melbourne, VIC

“Approaching women was a lot easier with a coach by my side … Highly recommended course.”

“I learned to really just “go for it” and walk up to women and start talking. My coach gave me conversation starters, banter lines and stories and made me feel comfortable. I talked to many women over the weekend and it really was easier the more approaches I did. Great course overall.”

Luis, Byron Bay

"The more approaches I did the easier and more confident I felt, I ended up doing heaps of approaches over the two nights and learned a great skill set …"

"The first few approaches felt difficult however after a few hours it felt natural and relaxed to walk up to women you don’t really know and start conversations. These coaches gave me the necessary skills and techniques without over complicating it with too much theory. Thanks again"

Albert, Sydney

"This will definitely help me out with my social skills and with talking to women. Great course."

"They made me realize that I shouldn’t feel fear when talking to women, as nothing bad can really happen, that said it’s all gain and I don’t have anything to lose by walking up to her and approaching her and asking for her number.
The coaches gave me challenges over the night that put me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow. This course can also help massively for your social skills."

David, Melbourne

"I Wanted To Approach The Hottest Women"

"I had major issues talking to the really attractive women. I just wanted to approach the hotties so to speak. This weekend has been a real eye opener and have learnt heaps, and overcame most of my approach anxiety towards these women. I highly recommend the course to any guy wanting more choice in their lives. Thanks guys"

John - Brisbane, QLD

"Great Weekend - Take The Workshop!"

"Great night. I ended up taking two girls back to the instructors apartment with another instructor. Overall great structure and would highly recommend it"

James – Brisbane QLD

"The Coaches Were Helpful and Imformative"

"Great weekend overall also. I had quality issues with women, I really wanted to approach the more attractive women and I did that over this weekend. If you're thinking about taking the workshop - do it"